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The Revinax technology uses increased learning capacity and improves procedure efficiency - 80% time savings / 50% error reduction.


No specific equipment requirements. Revinax training can be accessed on a variety of media for users around the world.

Dr. Maxime Ros,

Revinax CEO, Neurosurgeon

Revinax is more than just a new way to learn. It’s a way to easily create AR/VR content adapted to real-life professional situations.
In 2014 Maxime Ros, neurosurgeon and current CEO of Revinax, recognized the need for a paradigm shift in how medical teams—surgeons, nurses, nurse assistants, surgical scrub techs—are trained. There had to be a better way for them to learn the skills and improve their abilities to perform technical procedures. His vision was to harness the power of proven technology: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
He founded Revinax in 2015, a company whose mission is to implement this vision, and in 2016 he initiated a research thesis to finetune the Revinax “recipe.” Dr. Ros’ intuition was that giving someone a first-person perspective into a real-life context using a virtual reality headset would significantly improve skill acquisition—and the Revinax immersive tutorial was born.
First, Revinax developed a patented device that could capture a technical procedure in 3D from the perspective of the person performing it. This innovation puts the viewer in the shoes of the expert in the field. Next, the company designed software to edit their immersive tutorials, creating a powerful “in the moment” experience for the user. The Revinax immersive tutorials build on the traditional learning process, adding an additional layer of understanding that comes from first-hand experience. Now Revinax has designed a platform to make the tutorials available in libraries of best practices. This platform is accessible from any device type: tablet, PC, smart phone, VR headset (such as Oculus or Pico), and augmented reality glasses (such as HoloLens).
Revinax is forging ahead with its ambition to provide everyone with an opportunity for individual development through their novel lens into authentic experience.

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