Learn, review, and prepare a technical maneuver in record time with VR

Experience, Memorize, Repeat

Our solution is a real revolution in training: it lets you learn a technical maneuver using virtual reality. For example, learners experience the techniques of highly skilled surgeons under real-life conditions.

We have devised an innovative video capture system that can offer high-fidelity 3D videos from a first-person point of view. We film directly from the subjective point of view of the health professional performing the procedure. You are in the surgeon’s place, and the surgeon’s hands are yours!

This new point of view activates the same areas of the brain as those used by the person performing the procedure. The use of experiential learning has many advantages, such as increased retention rate, greater self-confidence, and fewer errors.

Ils utilisent les tutoriels immersifs Revinax



Learn, review and maintain your technical care skills

General care, surgery, anesthesia, emergency care and more: REVINAX offers an exclusive collection of more than 90 immersive tutorials, accessible 24/7 and viewable in 3D mode with a headset or cardboard or in 2D from your smartphone or tablet.

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The Advantages of the Revinax Solution

Designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals

Tools suited to the specific needs of your profession

Because we come from a medical background, we are familiar with the constraints that our colleagues work under and are deeply committed to democratizing innovative and effective training solutions. We have invented a new tool that combines VR and AR to optimize knowledge transfer in the healthcare field.

Good Practices Accessible 24/7

A library of guidelines.

Our immersive tutorials are accessible from any device (tablet, PC, smartphone, VR headset, etc.) without any limitations in terms of location or space. Our library of immersive tutorials is adapted to the constraints of the medical community. It is an ideal tool for broadly disseminating a complex technical procedure.

  • Review at home
  • Learn remotely
  • Broadcast during a conference

Your Custom Tutorial in One Month

Put together your own library

We provide support throughout the process of designing your immersive tutorials: dividing the important steps of the procedure into chapters, adding supplemental data to the tutorial (x-rays, synthetic images, texts, QCM, etc.). In less than a month, we develop a complete immersive experience for you.

Create Your Own Exclusive Immersive Library

Design your own immersive tutorials and grant your learners access to them. An ideal add-on to your existing educational program!

Discover the work process:

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Areas of use

The Revinax solution can be used for any subject. Discover the areas for which it can be used!
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Today, there are more than 100 000 peoples using the Revinax solution.
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