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In 2014, Maxime Ros, neurosurgeon and Revinax CEO, recognized the need for a paradigm shift in how medical teams - nurses, surgeons, caregivers, surgical nurses, nurse anesthetists, and more - are trained. There had to be a better way for them to learn the skills and improve their abilities to perform technical procedures. 

His vision was to harness the power of proven technology: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

He founded REVINAX in 2015 based on a "recipe": the combination of first-person point-of-view video, into a real-life context using a virtual reality headset would significantly improve skill acquisition.
The REVINAX immersive tutorial was born, built on the traditional learning process, adding an additional layer of understanding that comes from first-hand experience.

Revinax also designed a platform to make the tutorials available in libraries of best practices. Its platform is accessible from any device type: tablet, PC, smartphone, VR headset (such as Oculus or Pico), and augmented reality glasses (such as HoloLens).

Revinax is forging ahead with its ambition to provide everyone with an opportunity for individual development through its novel lens into authentic experience.


We Design Your Own Immersive Tutorials

Since 2014, REVINAX creates a global solution allowing companies to design and broadcast their own high fidelity immersive learning experience.

A unique concept on the market, combining virtual & augmented reality, 3D video in first person point of view for optimal fidelity, efficiency and ease of implementation.


Training Organizations

Create Your Own Exclusive Immersive Library

Design your own immersive tutorials and grant your learners access to them. An ideal add-on to your existing educational program!

Healthcare Tutorials

Learn, review and maintain your technical care skills

General care, surgery, anesthesia, emergency care and more: REVINAX offers an exclusive collection of more than 90 immersive tutorials, accessible 24/7 and viewable in 3D mode with a headset or cardboard or in 2D from your smartphone or tablet.


The Revinax team shares many information  about the use of virtual reality and immersive technologies in the workplace.

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